Affiliate Program for Debate DVD Sales

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Affiliate partners who sign up through (our affiliate partner tracking vendor) will receive a 50% commission on revenue from debate resources Answers in Genesis actually receives from customers who come to our store via a link or banner on the partner’s website, email promotion, etc.

Answers in Genesis will process the orders, ship the products, and facilitate downloads. Qualifying orders have to be made via the AiG online store (not by phone, mail, etc.) and the 50% commission is based on the net amount Answers in Genesis receives. Commission is not based on the retail price but on what the customer pays after discounts. No commission is given on the shipping and handling fee, only on Nye vs. Ham debate resources such as the upcoming DVD and video downloads. Excludes case lots.

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All other resources sold will receive the normal 12% commission rate. Bookstores, websites, and other qualified retailers who desire to buy DVDs at wholesale discount and handle the complete sale and shipping procedure themselves should contact an AiG customer service representative.

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